‘Only one way to think’

Dear Editor:

RE: VanLeeuwen out, Dunsmore in as deputy mayor, Feb. 25.

How dare any councillor have a different opinion than Mayor Kelly Linton!

In our climate today, there is no room for any dissenting view or opinion. After all, there is only one way to think. Every councillor must be on the “same page” as Mayor Linton.

Perhaps it is time that Linton create a check-list of all important issues. Any councillor who cannot check off every item as compatible to Mayor Linton should not be allowed to run. That way there will never be any dissention, and Centre Wellington can move progressively forward in a perfectly smooth manner. All independent thought would be eliminated!

Perhaps Centre Wellington can eventually create the position of mayor for Life. Why burden tax payers with elections when everyone thinks the same as Mayor Linton?

Robert Koechl,