‘Not measuring up’

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott.

I am writing to ask you to please do whatever you can to try to restore day programs for people with disabilities.

I know that you are busy with the pandemic and that the centres cannot open until it is over, but at this very busy and stressful time, Community Living Guelph Wellington has decided to fold this operation. This leaves no place for these people to go during the day and their parents or relatives no options, even though they have jobs to do, which enable them to look after their families and pay for the centre.

This centre had ensured that their sons, daughters, sisters and brothers have a life of their own where they can relate to friends, play games, listen to music, learn skills and even go out for a coffee, a movie, or a hike on the trails with a skilled caretaker.

With no one to supervise them and ensure that they are engaged, what are they to do at home all by themselves? Someone once said that the measure of a civilized society is in how it cares for its most vulnerable people. Closing care centres for people with disabilities and privatizing long-term care centres proves that we as a society are not measuring up.

Christy Doraty,