Not just houses

Dear Editor:

An open letter to the federal and provincial governments.

Please start building and funding more long-term care facilities, more hospitals, more day cares and more hospices.

While both these levels of government are busily building houses everywhere, important supports and services are not being built!

It’s difficult to get everything from a doctor to a lawyer, nurses … and the list goes on!

We need to open up our medical schools and have more placements for our kids to get into medical school and to be trained for our future needs of this mass population boom that is being mandated by both levels of government.

Locally a big mess is brewing with things like parking being an impossible situation in both Elora and Fergus.

If you are going to add so many homes, all levels of government must step up and add services and train our young Canadian youth in schools to help look after all of this new population. Open up the medical schools and train more nurses and build more brick and mortar buildings to support all Canadians.

When the new Groves hospital was built, the provincial government was begged to allow a larger hospital, more beds. Fergus was denied because the province said we did not have the population! This was very short sighted by the province because in two years we have over-capacity and need. 

So please fund the services and train our kids for the jobs that are needed now and into the future and don’t just have this frantic push to build houses!

Brenda Chamberlain,