Not enough

Dear Editor:

RE: Nestlé makes annual contribution to Erin, May 16.

Erin received a cheque in the amount of $34,703, which represents 50 cents per 1,000 litres drawn from the water table. If my math is right, they withdrew 69,406,000 litres from our water table. A typical bottle of water (500mL) sells for let’s say $1. Therefore a litre of water retails for 2 dollars. Am I to take it that Nestle’s gross profit for the year comes in at 69,406,000 x 2 = $138,812,000 less bottling costs and packaging?

Mayor Allan Alls and his council might want to reexamine the gift from Nestlé. At those rates Nestlé could pay for sewage treatment plants for a whole lot of municipalities around here instead of asking taxpayers to do it. 

After all they are the ones profiting from the resource. 

Then they could tell us what a good job they are doing protecting our environment.

Robert Sevigny,