‘Not a reversal’

Dear Editor:

RE: Caressant Care directs all staff to wear surgical masks on the job, April 4/9.

We would like to clarify the facts so the community, staff and residents have the correct information.

Caressant Care has never directed staff to not wear masks. Our approach has been to educate staff how and when to wear them as per the recommendations of Ontario Public Health.

Our directive, issued to all Caressant Care Homes on Friday, is further enhancing our preparedness in fighting the continued spread of COVID-19 and ensures that only masks issued within the home are to be worn to help limit outside contamination. To be clear, the directive is not a reversal of any policy regarding the wearing of surgical masks for our staff while working in the home.

Surgical masks are a very precious commodity in Canada at the moment and we need to be careful how we use them and be sure we are able to sustain supply for our staff. To that end, we will be very careful stewards of our mask supplies.

Our staff and managers are healthcare heroes doing a very difficult job under very challenging circumstances every day. We thank all healthcare personnel for the amazing job they do every day to keep everyone safe.

Kim Leuszler,

Chief Operating Officer,
Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Homes Ltd.