No to referendum

Dear Editor:

RE: Citizens call for referendum on wastewater treatment facility in Erin, May 21.

Erin does not need a referendum on whether or not to go ahead with the wastewater system. Mr. Piccolo should have read all the reports on the town website and all the newspaper reporting that has been done over the years since the idea for wastewater servicing began in 2005 before he started a petition. If he had done that he would know why his petition is redundant.

There have been several municipal elections fought over this issue all of which resulted in councils favorable to development and the wastewater servicing required to do so.

Public meetings and opportunities to engage with the council and the town have been many.

While I know the town has not always been forth coming with information (re: severances information) in this case there has been open consultation with residents. The residents voted for development several times already!

This project will be good for the environment. This project will provide varied styles of housing which Erin now lacks. This project will provide economic opportunities for more people to work where they live as now three quarters of the population drive out to work. This project will provide a waste treatment plant that will benefit all residents of the Town of Erin, not just the villages of Erin and Hillsburgh, as rural properties not hooked up still need a place to process septage.

Mr. Piccolo, read before you proceed with your nuisance making.

Jane Vandervliet,