No right to cause harm

Dear Editor:

RE: Form of control, April 1.

Even respecting the lady from Minto’s right to her own opinions, I just find it very difficult to believe that she thinks she has a right to partake in society and travel freely , without some form of repercussion.

History does indeed reveal “some shameful actions,” including killing half the “New World’s” population with smallpox, etc. carried by “the great explorers.” We do  really need to study and learn from history, but make that all history.

This woman’s high ideals do not give her the right to even potentially  cause harm to others. Would anybody want to sit next to this lady on a two-hour flight? Who knows what other shots she didn’t think she had to get. That’s why we need laws and regulations in the first place. There already exists an “Ontario Ministry of Health Immunization Record Card” that can be tucked into one’s passport.

The other strange part is that she seems totally unaware that we are now into a “third wave” and younger persons are being targeted by COVID-19 variants. These variants apparently “have legs” and have arrived in Canada despite all the existing guidelines.

The only way to finally beat this pandemic is to get everybody vaccinated as soon as possible and give up a few freedoms for a while.

Malcolm McCulloch,