‘No credibility’

Dear Editor:

Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s defence minister, has stated that Canadians have lost their trust in the military.

You are completely wrong in stating the above Lt-Col. Sajjan – Canadians have not lost their trust in the military!

The people of Canada will never lose faith in the men and women that get sent into harm’s way on our behalf. We have lost faith in your leadership!

You and your narcissistic leader have demonstrated complete incompetence in providing our troops with the equipment and direction needed for them to perform their primary role: our defence.

You cannot give me one realistic example of where the military has improved or even not deteriorated under your command since 2015.  There is a challenge for you.

This latest case is a prime example.  We have some instances where non-corroborated information has surfaced through social media and into the government sanctioned media, attacking senior officers, and what do you and the rest of the cabal do?  You criticize the military instead of carrying out a full and impartial investigation.

I know that after the shameful affair with Vice Admiral Mark Norman your team has no credibility as regards any full and impartial investigation, but you could have left it to the military police, who do have credibility.

When the people of Canada lose faith in their leadership, the leaders should resign. You, the falsely proclaimed architect of Operation Medusa in Afghanistan, should resign.

Michael Lee,