‘Natural’ solutions?

Dear Editor:

RE: Public health preparing for second wave of COVID-19, July 16.

Dr. Nicola Mercer, medical officer of health for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph-Guelph Public Health, mentions that a vaccine is a year out.

Because of that, why are we not told about other options such as ways to strengthen our immune system? Does the body not have a natural ability to fight viruses such as the cold, flus and even COVID?

So does it not make sense that if people strengthen their immune system, there is a good chance that our bodies can actually fight COVID on their own, without a vaccine?

Is that why many people test positive but show no symptoms?  Their bodies fight it off, because that is what the body does, when supported.

We hear the same message from three levels of government, ad nauseum on how to protect ourselves. Why can’t some of that money be better spent telling people how they can protect themselves through natural means?

I will be very interested in hearing from Mercer as to why people can’t support and improve their immune systems as an approach to increasing their protection.

Probably the same flimsy excuse that we were given why she missed the boat on requiring masks three months earlier.

David Bonk,