More misinformation

Dear Editor:

RE: Mask ‘discrimination’, July 16.

I am dismayed that you published this letter without editorial comment.

The letter states that there is a “large body of evidence which indicates the detriments of wearing a face covering”, and that “It is a proven fact that when face coverings are worn, oxygen levels drop well below what is required by the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act).”

Both of these statements are false. A cursory examination of sources that deal in actual truth and facts shows that one viral video on Facebook has provided the “evidence” that has been refuted by multiple credible sources.

Masks do not reduce oxygen levels. Masks save lives by reducing the spread of the virus. We need to support each other by social distancing if possible and wearing masks when we can’t be socially distant.  Lives depend on it, particularly those of people who are elderly or sick.

The letter accuses people like me of being fear-filled and uninformed.  I prefer to consider myself responsible and considerate, which is what health care experts and our government are advocating.

There is enough misinformation already circulating, and you should not be adding to it. An editor’s note after a letter of this type saying “The statements in this letter have been debunked by health experts” would go a long way towards helping everyone.

Responsible journalism requires you to do your part as well.

Steve Schafer,

*Editor’s note: The “Mask discrimination” letter that appeared in last week’s Advertiser was published in error. The edited version, which appears on our website, does not include the false statements noted in the above letter. The Advertiser regrets the error.