Mailbag: 03/16/23

‘Wonderful paper’

Dear Editor:

I’m so very happy our  Wellington Advertiser will continue to be published!

It keeps us informed of political and council meetings, coming events, arts and theatre information, auctions, etc.

I’m a senior – one of many – who can’t wait to read this wonderful paper each week to keep up to date on all things in our area and around the world.

Thank you from one of many fans of the Wellington Advertiser!

Barb Waite,
Mount Forest

‘Civilized’ no more

Dear Editor:

Does anyone remember when our federal parliament was a  sanctum of civilized debate? Urbane and reasoned language used to clarify and refine a point was countered with the respectful counterpoint across the aisle.

Today, the blustering accusations and stonewalling in response is a time-consuming cacophony. Even our representative, Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong, seems to have somehow been Poilievrelized as he shouts across the aisle, echoing the behaviour of fellow Conservatives. 

The gist is, “Tell us everything CSIS knows about Chinese spying and meddling.” But, wait! Would that not enable the Chinese to better plan their next moves in messing up future elections?

I’ve thought about how to cool the fever of the loyal opposition and bring everybody back to some form of mature diplomacy. Not sure it would be sufficient, but what about serving up gummy bears during debate?

Arlene Callaghan,


Dear Editor:

Our public healthcare system is being systematically dismantled by the Ford government. One of his first actions on taking office was to announce the reduction of public health agencies to a mere 10 province-wide.

The folly of this was demonstrated by the urgent need to have enough public health staff on the ground to meet the pandemic emergency. 

The public health system is being deliberately underfunded to create an emergency, so that Ford can claim that private health care is needed. It is obvious and proven in the U.S. and other countries that for-profit health care will cost more, not less. Private health care also cherry picks clients leaving cases that are less profitable to treat to the public system, exacerbating the under-funding crisis.

Ford is deliberately undermining our vital health care to line the pockets of private clinics. 

This must be stopped or we shall have a disastrous situation like the U.S. in which vast numbers of people suffer without adequate access to health care.

Pamela Fielding,

‘Fatal threat’

Dear Editor:

Doug Ford’s privatization effort is a fatal threat to the public health care system. It will siphon critical funding and staffing away from our public hospitals, worsening wait time for urgent hospital-based care and ultimately costing taxpayers more for procedures that are done in the public system and seeing our tax dollars go to large private companies (eventually hedge funds) that have been lobbying provincial governments for years to destabilize public health care.

The Ford government is sitting on over $2 billion in budget surplus, yet it has frozen funding to public health and continues to try to depress health care workers’ wages through Bill 124, which was recently ruled unconstitutional. 

Their sneaky intention is to defund public health care, let services deteriorate to a critical level, and introduce privatization as a solution.

Private clinics violate the Canada Health Act, which protects the right of patients to access medically necessary services free of charge. These clinics routinely charge patients hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra for OHIP-covered procedures and up-sell patients on unnecessary, uninsured procedures. 

Patients are paying more to access poorer quality of care. This has recently happened to me trying to get a possible skin cancer diagnosed by a private dermatologist practice in Guelph after being referred there by my doctor. It was the worst health care experience I’ve ever had.

We know what needs to be done: reinvest in our public health care system, offer pharmacare and free dental so people can stay healthier longer, offer subsidies for healthy food and exercise for preventative healthcare, help keep seniors in their homes longer, build more homes for those experiencing homelessness, get serious about solving addiction issues, abolish Bill 124, pay health care workers, increase staffing levels, and work with the federal government to establish long-term solutions.

Eliza Crosland,
Centre Wellington

‘Due diligence’

Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Read up,’ March 9.

Why am I always reading negativity from an American citizen?

Jim Trautman never has anything good to say about the convoy. 

I was there. I saw the peace. I saw the people. I think half the stuff he’s talking about he is making up.

I am also an anti-vaxxer and have never been sick for three years. I wore my mask and did my due diligence.

 Scott Rae,

‘Does it matter?’

Dear Editor:

 Isn’t it time to stop the war and destruction in Ukraine?  The longer this battle continues the more difficult it becomes for the combatants to extract themselves. Deaths will continue to escalate, more weapons will be required and “red” lines will be crossed.  Rhetoric will exceed the limits of common sense.

As history unfolds China presents a 12-point proposal to end the fighting. It is immediately “shot down” by the west because China cannot be trusted and certainly Russia can’t. India, South Africa and Brazil struggle to remain neutral. After all, it is a European war.  Sweden and Finland want to give up their neutrality and become part of NATO. Turkey, itself a NATO country, says no to Finland for political reasons. Poland increases its contributions to NATO and Ukraine wants to join the European Union.  War is never what it seems!

To remember the first year of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the American President Joe Biden, pledges another $2 billion (add that to the $30 to 70 billion already promised).  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadians will stand with Ukraine – “whatever it takes, as long as it takes.”  Biden says his country will stand with Ukraine “whatever it takes, as long as it takes.”  It is important that there are no “cracks” in the support for Ukraine from NATO allies.

In a country that prides itself on freedom of speech, dissent and thought, ordinary citizens also have a say. I believe the ordinary people in Russia and Ukraine want to return to the normalcy of their lives before the invasion. Russian and Ukrainian soldiers want to return home to their families.

At this point, does it matter who started this war? Does it matter any longer who did what and when?  What matters now is that the voices for peace are given equal air time as the voices for war. We have heard too much from the voices for war and too little from the voices for peace.

Pressure must be put on those in the highest places of power to start serious peace talks. Many countries already have said they are willing to be involved.  

Write a letter, send an email, text or phone your MP or the Minister of Defense. Tell them about your fears not only for Europe but an ever expanding conflict. Organize a peace protest.

At least if you speak out against the escalating tempo of the war, you can tell your children or your grandchildren you did something – anything – to stop it.

Janet Calderwood,

Jewelry for a cause

Dear Editor:

I am so excited to share that my events calendar is filling up.  I am busy now and throughout the summer so any donations of jewelry will ensure that I have enough merchandise.

I continue to do markets/events as a vendor selling “The Rain Forest Jewelry Collection,” all in support of International Animal Rescue’s  (IAR) Orangutan Project.

This fundraising initiative has been so successful thanks to the compassion and generosity of local women from Guelph, Fergus and Elora, who have taken the time to sort through their unused jewelry and donate what they no longer use.

The work involved in rescuing, rehabilitating and saving these critically endangered animals is staggering and is only made possible by our continued donations.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we come together. With love and compassion, we can change the world; 100% of proceeds go directly to IAR.

Please reach out to me if you would like to be a part of this life-saving project, your help is crucial and vital to the survival of these threatened animals and their rain forest habitat.

All jewelry accepted and donations can be picked up if you contact me at

Patricia Cuthbert,