Maddening, disrespectful

Dear Editor:

Geez Louise. It is astounding to me that here we are in 2022 and I have to do the veterinary finger wag about picking up after your dog.

My family (husband, dog and I) visit Wilson Flats daily. For us it is a place of wonder and solace. The water, the trails, the osprey (George, Gracie and their babies), the herons, ducks and geese are regenerative for us and I’m sure for many other visitors. 

It is maddeningly disrespectful by those of you who can’t be bothered to pick up, or have the mistaken idea that poop just biodegrades in a natural space. We humans must be caretakers of these sacred places.

I’ll keep picking up after you, for the sake of the Flats and unsuspecting others, so that you or your children don’t get a “shoe-full” or your dog doesn’t pick up a parasite or potentially dreadful fecally-transmitted disease. 

A little thoughtful, responsible picking-up behaviour would be refreshing and appreciated.

Karen Bentley,