Location, location

Dear Editor:

Has the cooperation between the Town of Erin and the developer Solmar, allowed for the recent destruction of the natural beauty of the property located at the northwest corner of Wellington Road 52 and 10th line?

This property, previously known as the Miller farmstead, has had trees and vegetation needlessly ripped out by their roots, including the clear cutting of at least two hedgerows. This is just the beginning of a very costly endeavour for the taxpayers in choosing this site to construct a sewage treatment plant. A plant with a view?

A simple elevation reading at the town’s lowest point, at 9th and Wellington Road 124, and the location of the proposed sewage plant up on the hill is a rise of some 50 feet. Indeed an engineering pumping challenge!

Will our sewage treatment plant be the only plant in Ontario that is asked to pump up the poop? The waste generated by the projected 14,000 folks from Erin and Hillsburgh some 7km away, will need to be pumped at least 50 feet upwards?

Then let’s add the more than $1 million needed to pump once more our treated effluent along Wellington Road 52 to Winston Churchill! All of which will empty into one of the last remaining clean rivers in the headwater region adjacent to the GTA.

The residents and taxpayers of the town need to ask: is this the best the engineers and town can come up with? After spending well over $2 million dollars and some 10-plus years of various reports and studies?

The taxpayers of Erin, and constituents of town council should be reminded that in 2020, the Town of Erin was named the most secretive municipality in the country by four journalism organizations.

Will our town next be voted the only community to have built a sewage plant on top of a hill? Location, location, location; good real estate agents know this all too well.

Ed Delaporte,