‘Let’s move on’

Dear Editor:

RE: Move on with hospice, July 28.

After hearing about all the dust and feathers, in the report on a local council meeting regarding medical assistance in dying (MAID) facilities in the new hospice, it was heartening to read the opinion of Dave Adsett, publisher of this newspaper.

The two doctors who are proposing the hospice, knowing that council has no jurisdiction in the matter, were simply asking for what they hoped would be encouraging comment, not anticipating yet another roadblock by what Adsett refers to as the “fractious nature of council.” Nor did they anticipate the unnecessary “religious sentiments”. 

Although some individuals lack the respect for privacy when it comes to conversations on religion or dying, fortunately, even the most forceful members of the medical profession know that we, as individuals, have the final say about our own bodies, whether or not they should be subjected to invasive surgery, or not, and, the manner in which we choose to die. 

Fortunately we do not have to ask permission of anyone, not even our own family, if we want to donate our bodies, at time of death, to the anatomy lab at the University of Guelph or, if in dire straits, ask for MAID.

Religion is a private matter, between an individual and their respected higher being. It is not for anyone to challenge their beliefs, at any time. For this reason, instead of wasting time criticizing others, let us move on and support those who are working to create the hospice within our own community, providing closer accommodation for individuals, their families and friends at a time when the extra stress of a difficult journey to Guelph or Kitchener is not needed.  

Carol Williams,