Kindness of a stranger

Dear Editor:

Here is another act of kindness which certainly brightened my day and lots of other people’s days as well.

I went to Drimmie’s Florist in Elora on Dec. 22 to get some pre-ordered flowers for some of our friends and family members who are living alone or dealing with sickness, etc.

My husband said that I should get some flowers for myself (from him) and so I did.  While I was at the counter to pay for my order, the owner of the store came up to me and said that this beautiful floral arrangement was for me. On the enclosed card it said, “Random Act of Kindness, Merry Christmas!”

The previous customer had purchased this lovely basket of plants and said, “Just give this to the next customer who walks into your store.” I was a bit overwhelmed.  My husband and I decided that I didn’t really need the flowers from him now, so we delivered the roses that were for me to yet another little family who has experienced health issues recently.  As I tell this story to others, they all say how much they appreciate such a positive story and the lessons it teaches.       

We really should all give whatever we can to the next person.

Thank you to the kind stranger who gave this generous gift to me.      

Maureen Schwartzentruber,