Justified investment

Dear Editor:

RE: Colossal waste, Aug. 8.

John Scott has perhaps not calculated that the $300,000 public health climate change study will amount to less than 13 cents per person per year within the study area of Waterloo and Wellington Counties.

He is right that the contamination of our food and water is also an urgent subject for research, but this particular federal initiative must have triggered a knee-jerk reaction among certain people of a conservative philosophical stripe because of two things: it’s a concern of our Liberal government, and it involves investigating the impact of climate change.

There may be valid reasons for questioning some aspects of either of these two realities in our lives, but it is nothing but prudent to look into the future of our climate and how it might affect our lives.

Shawn Zentner’s examples of tick-borne Lyme disease, and the possible contamination of water wells by heavy rains, are both ample justification for this investment.

Karl Dick,