Just wear the mask

Dear Editor:

RE: Out of hand, June 25.

Mr. Swan should perhaps look to our south to see what happens when people take the instant gratification route instead of thinking.

Our American cousins thought the way Mr. Swan thinks – if the cases are dropping it is all over – we can relax our precautions. Balderdash! Just look at Texas, Florida and California now.

It is becoming clear that relaxing mask wearing does not bring the majority out to shop, anyway. People are just too scared, and they have a right to be, particularly if they are likely to run into a Mr. Swan. It is also clear that reduced cases only means we have obtained a little control – this thing is not going away any time soon. It simply sits, quietly waiting to infect the next unthinking person.

If he wishes to shop elsewhere, just because he finds mask wearing so intolerable, I for one am very glad he does. For very selfish reasons, the farther away from me the better, and long may it last.

Jim Taylor,