‘It only gets worse’

Dear Editor:

Welcome back to part two of the Erin wastewater fiasco.

Every developer who has bought land around Erin and Hillsburgh has proposed their own mini systems 100% at their own costs. Common sense would have followed that route 20 years ago and our area would have thousands more people and very happy local businesses.

Let me give you a second local septic build that proves the advancements in modern septic systems. Remember my first letter in which the original Centre 2000 system was overbuilt to accommodate 500 houses plus the high school?

I live on Church Blvd. in Erin. About nine years ago the septic was replaced at the two assisted living buildings on Church and Centre streets. About 46 units in total. While having many in-depth discussions with the contractor he told me that there was so much capacity in that one small system, that he could add all the homes on Centre and Church street no problem. There are about 40 homes that could be added.

What about the downtown Erin businesses on holding tanks? What about hooking them all up to one pipe and running it into a new mini system at the Erin Lions park? Sounds simple enough to me. Of course, past mayor Rod Finnie and present Mayor Alan Alls live in the country so are not in the proposed septic footprint, so it will never affect them one cent; they couldn’t care less about us who will pay for it the rest of our lives.

In part three I will explain the real cost with actual quotes for the cost to me of my home to hook up. Stay tuned folks – it only gets worse.

Keith Hayward,