‘If it ain’t broke…’

Dear Editor:

RE: Report: strategic plan will balance Erin’s growth, charm, July 18.

As quoted in the Wellington Advertiser, Erin’s strategic plan states, “We aim to be agile, show initiative…/… challenge the status quo…”

It may be self-justifying for politicians and consultants to advocate change, but maybe the status quo is precisely what the majority of Erin residents actually prefer, especially when 70% of us want to retain our “small-town feel”.

The status quo, by definition, is what we have now and most of us are satisfied with that. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Nor should we waste our taxes on consultants looking for a solution to a problem that we don’t have. Erin hasn’t changed much during the 17 years I’ve known it, nor should it.

I trust therefore that even more agility and initiative will be devoted to challenging any suggested changes to our beloved status quo.

Growth? Why growth? We live in a finite world. Growth is no longer a positive goal, even though it has been lauded as such by politicians globally for far too long, with the resulted degradation of our planet.

Councillor Mike Robbins is absolutely correct when saying the plan should not pre-suppose that everyone in Erin agrees with the goal of growth.

Roy Pegg,