Hope for grandchildren

Dear Editor:

RE: Abel Page named recipient of ESAC Environmental Award, June 16.

I was pleased to read of Abel Page’s award and I hope that we will read of more accomplishments by residents who are making changes to address the climate crisis. 

It has been a difficult year to address that topic as we have been preoccupied with keeping ourselves and our families safe during this prolonged pandemic and the war in Ukraine is a frightening distraction. 

However, I believe that the climate change/crisis/disaster cannot be avoided and I believe that most of your readers would welcome some coverage of this critical issue. I wonder if the Advertiser could commit to a regular feature noting the efforts that the people of Wellington County are making to lessen their impact on the environment (i.e. – retrofitting their homes, installing solar panels and heat pumps, changing their transportation choices or living situation). 

There must be hundreds of stories and I would welcome learning of their successes (and disappointments). I believe that the farming community is particularly attuned to the changes that we are experiencing.

Addressing this issue begins with each one of us. We need political leadership also, but it comes down to us as individuals to take action and give our environment a chance to recover and hope to our grandchildren.

Jim Brown,