‘Honest individual’

Dear Editor:

Re: Muted MPP, June 2.

Further to the letter(s) to the editor concerning Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott not exercising his position for his constituencies. The author of the letter alluded to Arnott’s position as Speaker, then chose to comment on his salary and further attacked his pension.

One of the complaints is that various candidates make promises and then when elected the voters may indicate the candidate is not keeping his promise. The author of this letter criticizes Arnott for taking a positive position of “making promises to work for the constituency he represents” – that is precisely what he is elected to do. 

I would prefer an honest individual such as Arnott who does not lie and is dedicated to assist those he serves. I have had the opportunity of contacting the support staff of Arnott and found them to be extremely helpful. 

Kudos to the electorate who chose to return Arnott to Queen’s Park, and those who chose not to vote for him, may they realize Arnott and his staff will represent you to the best of their ability (that is a promise Arnott made).

He not only walks the talk but his actions speak for themselves.

Robert Plamondon,
Mount Forest