Hold line on taxes

Dear Editor:

I feel a need to express my opinion regarding Guelph-Eramosa’s proposed tax hike for 2020 of 2.9%.

The headline says officials defend infrastructure spending, tax hike. There is no defence. The basic concept regarding budgeting should be quite clear to financial staff: don’t spend what you don’t have. It is not acceptable for any organization to levy increases beyond the rate of inflation. Mayor Chris White said, “We try to shoot for the CPI because that seems reasonable” Then shoot for it and don’t propose something at one whole percent over CPI.

The residents don’t get income increases, be it salary or pension, that are one percent over CPI so how do the officials expect the rate payer to afford an increase above CPI?

The mayor also said the township has the best infrastructure in the county. If that is the case then there should be no need to increase spending on infrastructure beyond current. If there is a project that requires more spending wait until the money is available or accept a better bid on the project.

Steve Whitten,