Highway dangers

Dear Editor:

Truckers for Safer Highways would like to thank all those who have supported us in 2021 in our efforts to improve the trucking industry. We hope that we continue to have their support as we enter 2022.

To those of you who are hearing or reading about us for the first time, we are a small but determined group of professional truck drivers with the goal of drastically improving the safety of all who use our highways. We spend the majority of our lives on these highways and see more than anyone the many growing problems developing on our highways.

We believe the public are at a high risk of injury or death each time they enter a major transportation route within Canada. There are more inexperienced drivers on our highways than experienced. Unfortunately that issue is compounded with rapidly changing weather conditions and overconfidence and poor judgment in making safe choices while operating commercial vehicles.

People are dying on our highways. The public is in more danger now on the highways than ever! We need solid solutions followed by swift action and so far we have seen very little of either from any of our government representatives.

Recently Michael Mantha, MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin, has reached out to us in an effort to assist us, we look forward to working with him.

Travis McDougall,
Trucker’s For Safer Highways,