Heroes honoured

Dear Editor:

Did the young  Rockwood recruit think he would be remembered 75 years later?

He would be pleased to see the response of his community. In spite of the cold, dreary day, people crowded to the edge of the cenotaph grounds to be a part of the memorial program, given to honour the men who left Rockwood and never returned.

Soon the bugle’s plaintiff call awoke the memory of a soldier’s call to duty, followed by the choir’s hymn of hope and the plaintive cry of The Last Post.

The community was then given the opportunity to take part as each group placed a wreath in memory of their family or a group.

Our national poet John McCrae’s poem was read and interesting background given as to the time it was penned. A march past of local groups and Army personnel completed the morning’s commemoration.

Rockwood does not forget its heroes!

Sytske Drijber,