Dear Editor:

I am beyond despair as I try to understand the very heavy-handed Bill 23.

This bill is beyond belief in its scope to change the face of Ontario on so many levels. I am concerned that with the tremendous impact that this bill will have on municipalities we are going to lose sight of the importance and absolute need to protect the environment, wetlands, wildlife corridors, natural green spaces, habitat diversity and the extinction of many wild things who call these spaces home. The attack on our conservation authorities is reprehensible. What makes me very frustrated is that many conservation authority properties were left as gifts to be held in trust to prevent further urban sprawl and loss of habitat.

Jim and I had a lovely end-of-fall walk at Guelph Lake Conservation Authority.  The sun in the tree tops of the golden tamarack was a sight to behold. And as a tribute to poet Mary Oliver there was a grasshopper on the trail.  Further along a very, very tiny black snake sunning in the late afternoon sun. All three sightings so needed in this hurting world.

I am appealing to each and every person to think very seriously about this Draconian Bill 23. I pose this serious question. Do each of you not want spaces left untouched so that your great, great grandchildren will be able to stand awestruck before these miracles?

Each and everyone of us is part of the interconnected web of all existence and humans must stop working and behaving as it they are the only species on the web!  

Stop Doug Ford and Bill 23, now.

Burna Wilton,
Centre Wellington