‘Harmful information’

Dear Editor:

RE: Mask ‘discrimination’, July 16.

I’m not sure where Sandra Owen gets her information from but its serves no one any good to put out a statement saying “It is a proven fact that when face coverings are worn, oxygen levels drop well below what is required by the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) and by oxygen depletion warning meters.”

It is absolutely not a proven fact. It is not a fact at all. Properly worn masks like the N95 do not reduce blood oxygen levels in the body, and also do not increase C02 levels either. Where does she think the oxygen and CO2 go? Absorbed / trapped by the mask?

If masks are dangerous to wear, does she think surgeons shouldn’t wear them while operating on a patient? In only a couple of minutes, I have been able to find multiple sources where doctors and scientists have demonstrated that blood oxygen levels do not decrease and CO2 does not increase even over extended periods of wear.

One doctor even put on six masks simultaneously just to show how ridiculous the idea is.

Putting out harmful information like this is ignorance masquerading as knowledge and can only hurt the people who are unfortunate enough to believe it.

Chris Hornsby,