Group carries on work

Dear Editor:

On Earth Day, April 22, Save Our Water held an update Zoom meeting with presentations by three of their members as well as one by the mayor. Mayor Kelly Linton talked about how the township is working to ensure drinking water in Centre Wellington is protected.   

Save Our Water wants to thank the many people who attended, asked questions and learned about the water issue.

It has been six years that Save Our Water has opposed a permit at the Middlebrook well. Nestle Waters Canada originally wanted 1.6 million litres of water per day.  The province introduced a municipal veto for amounts over 379,000 litres per day and made protecting municipal drinking water a top priority.

However, the Middlebrook property is now owned by two American investment companies. The township needs a number of new wells including wells in the area near the Middlebrook site. Stay tuned for further developments.

Check and the YouTube channel to access the roughly 70 minute meeting to get up to date on the present situation.

Donna McCaw,