Great loss

Dear Editor:

Centre Wellington and particularly Elora recently lost one of its greatest volunteers.

Terry Conroy worked for youth in Elora and later Centre Wellington his whole life. For over 40 years with minor hockey and minor sports, Terry earned the respect, gratitude and thanks from hundreds of our communities’ young people.

His selfless commitment to volunteering in our community has touched generations and hopefully inspired all those he guided to volunteer today. He was a family man, neighbour and friend who never sought out recognition but instead put his head down and helped any way that he could. From sitting on executive committees, to cutting people’s grass, Terry was always helping others.

I am a better person just for knowing Terry and he has had that same effect on everyone who has come in contact with him, one way or another.

We are fortunate to have great people in our community who volunteer in culture, politics, sports, etc., but Mr. Terry Conroy was a pioneer who helped make our community a better place to live.

Thank you, Terry, you will be missed.

Larry Dobbie,