‘Government control?’

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the continuing battle between the so called anti-vaxxers and the logical scientific responders over the past few weeks.

Despite the people saved by science and the increasing deaths of those opposed to the vaccine, citing increasing government control over their lives, those opposed continue to turn a blind eye to reality. Undoubtedly, my letter will inspire some continuing nonsensical and illogical responses.

However, before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, think about something first. Can you drive without a drivers licence? Government control? Can you get medical treatment without your OHIP card? Government control? Can you travel without a passport? Can you travel to certain areas of the world without being innoculated against certain diseases? Government control? Can you get a job without a SIN number? Government control? Can you get a book without a library card? Governmental control? Can you get served alcohol without proving your age? Government control? Should you get vaccinated to save the lives of others, including loved ones and yourself? Government control?

Come on folks, possibly dying to prove your point is in itself, pointless, don’t you think? Those of you of a certain age can remember getting shots for polio. Why? Beats living in an iron lung, right? Was that government control? No, just scientifically sound. Did you get your shots as a child for measles, mumps and chicken pox? Did you or your parents cry out that the government was imposing more control over your lives? No, no, no. Back then we seem to have been smarter.

But now, with millions dead around the world, a country south of us that has made this deadly disease a medical issue, and the immergence of an even deadlier strain that has already crossed the ocean to our shores, some folks still base their opinion on “government control.” Really? Are they injecting you with nanorobots that control your thoughts and report back to Mr. Trudeau? No, they are trying to save your damn life.

Having said all this, I’m sure it won’t sway anyone’s opinion towards logic and sanity. So, I’m off Monday for my booster, the benefits of which will include, continued longevity, peace of mind for myself and my family and continued confidence in the powers that be, that they have my welfare in mind.

Maybe I’ll pick up a Christmas card for the government. Funny, since my first two shots, I’ve felt this incredible need to thank them. Must be government control…

Terry Filce,