‘Good luck’

Dear Editor:

Can anyone please explain to me why Canada is the only country deciding to have a four-month interval between the prescribed two-dose vaccines for COVID-19?

The suggested intervals are between two weeks to 21 days. Even the US. stretched the interval a bit but nothing like what is being suggested and done here.

Will it work? Will it be as effective? How does this affect the efficacy of the serum prescribed?

Made-in-Canada vaccines should have been procured and rolling out as we speak, never mind for July … possibly.

Making deals with China for a vaccine? Will this Government ever learn ?

The bumbling and bungling of how we, the people, have been treated and secured throughout all of this pandemic is pathetic and sad.

All that the government seems to do is constantly and consistently play catch-up; never being proactive and/or leading.

Does anybody know what the hell they are doing ?

I know many are satisfied receiving “free money”; I am fortunate enough to say, “not me”, because I know that nothing is free. We will pay for all of this one way or another. I am also old enough to know the biggest load of this out-of-control spending will be crippling to my children and grandchildren.

As I finish this letter, all I can say is, I honestly wish for success in winning this COVID-19 battle.

If the government fails us, we all lose. No party will be a “winner.” This, if for no other time and reason, should be to help all Canadians. We need our lives back.

Good luck to all of you and most of all, good luck to us because we need it!

Delsie Drover,