Giving up freedoms?

Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Government control’, Dec. 9.

Terry Filce makes some valid points regarding the vaccination debate in that the government should have some control in order to save lives based on sound science.

However, I believe government has crossed the line when it causes people to lose their jobs and education, and to stop participating in civil society if they refuse to take the vaccine. This is especially so now that most adults have been vaccinated and we know that the fully vaccinated can catch the virus and spread it to others.

Although it appears the majority of Canadians are on board with the authoritarian measures adopted by our governments, we need to remember that we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is supposed to protect minorities. The fundamental freedoms contained in the Charter include freedom of conscience and religion, and freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. I believe these freedoms are constantly being eroded.

This was recently demonstrated by our federal politicians when they passed Bill C-4, which bans so-called “conversion therapy.” This bill will make it illegal for children and adults to receive counselling that does not affirm transgender ideology.

Based on the vague and confusing definition of “conversion therapy,” my reading of this bill means that psychiatrists, pastors, parents, etc. could be jailed for trying to dissuade – by words – children (and adults) from transitioning to their desired gender.

It appears to me that far too many of us are content to give up our freedoms while allowing our governments to take more and more control over our lives.

Henry Brunsveld,