‘Freedoms diminished’

Dear Editor:

As I write, the prime minister is threatening to roll out the military, his defense against the spread of COVID-19.

All the while the citizens of Canada have witnessed our fundamental/inherent rights and freedoms diminished; our activities to assemble and worship curtailed; the social fabric wherein we are called to love one another increasingly crumbling; and sadly as well, the very foundations – our Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, upon which our country formed, eroded.

Too quickly, have we succumbed to levels of government creating unjust and unconstitutional rules without due process, while retaining its power to set limits and parameters that offer no process for redress or appeal.

And while government sanctioned venues (government money makers) continue to flourish, apparently justifying the replacement of the hallmark church in a community with condoned liquor stores, the rest of the population has become subject to the unbridled discretion of authorities and powers administering new criminal laws in practice, wherein we collectively learn to behave, but negate any form of a functioning democratic society.

Scared yet?

Janice Kaikkonen,
Mount Forest