‘Forgive us’

ear Editor:

As the election fast approaches, I am seeing global warming taking a front seat and scaring people. We need to discern. Through my research, it is true, China is the #1 culprit with 29.5% CO2 emissions, versus Canada at #10 with 1.5%.

Those who understand the Bible, know climate change in a different way. God allowed droughts for several years in scripture as a result of not acknowledging Him.

Additionally, be aware if a political party states it will not reopen issues you are concerned about, your representative will not have power. Nothing will change.

Also, why haven’t we heard the word accountability in this election – just promises, promises. If we don’t have budgetary accountability of these promises, we have nothing. What happens if you don’t do what you promise?

Additionally, TV news cited a recent statistic indicating 40% of young people hospitalized for substance abuse was due to recreational marijuana. Was legalizing this wisdom? Recent reports on the news have doctors usurping family wishes and euthanizing their sick mental health family member. This happens when we don’t value life.

All political leaders need to acknowledge they are where they are because they have been allowed to be for this time. Humble yourself. You have a responsibility first to God and then to the people of Canada. Voters need to pick a political party that reflects your value system and support it. God keep our land glorious and free. Please God, forgive us.

Carolann Krusky,