‘Foresight not hindsight’

Dear Editor:

I believe that the provincial and federal governments have lost the moral authority to govern. 

The price of gasoline is at the time of writing $2.12 per litre. Taxpayers are being stretched to the limit. 

The provincial and federal government have no incentive to reduce the price of gasoline. The money is flowing into government coffers. The higher the price of gasoline the more money they receive. 

I support reducing taxes on the price of a litre of gasoline.

Canada is a resource rich country and we should be energy self-sufficient.

There should be a pipeline from the west coast to the east coast in Canada. We need forward thinking government that realizes that green may come someday, but not for a while.

Being energy self–sufficient would give the country the time to thoroughly analyze and cost out the green energy policies put forward and pick the best options and discard others. 

Canada needs foresight not hindsight. The government at all levels should not implement policies that make its citizens suffer needlessly.

Ross Chaulk,|
Wellington North