‘Foresight and vision’

Dear Editor:

Centre Wellington councillors should be congratulated for having the foresight and vision for the unanimous vote for installation of bike lanes in Fergus.

The future demands we all think differently to adapt to changes, whether it is the way we respond to climate change, preservation of our water, sustainability of our food supply or any one of the many impacts of human activity.

While the popular vernacular is to make reference to “bike lanes”, the proposal is actually a recognition that alternative modes of human transport are the future.

Whether bikes, hoverboards, segways, electric kick scooters, one wheels or inline skates, the fact is, many young people are finding new modes of transport to get to work and play that does not include the car.

Cities and towns the world over are adapting and separating transport lanes to accommodate different modes of moving people. If our community is to grow we need to provide alternative lanes for transport to and from work, and shopping.

By their own admission, promoters of the petition to scrap bike lanes cite how “tremendously busy” the streets already are. Ask yourself, is it not time we reduced our reliance on the combustion engine and provided alternatives for people?

If not just because of the need to reduce our damage to the environment, but just perhaps, it is that separated transport lanes offer us the opportunity for a more healthy, fun way to get around, at the same time saving all of us money.

Again, the councillors of Centre Wellington deserve our praise for thinking of the future.

Tony Morris,