Folks ‘don’t get it’

Dear Editor:

How does one begin to respond to folks who just don’t seem to get it?

Janice Kaikkonen (Freedoms diminished, April 2) apparently bemoans due parliamentary process in a pandemic. Does it really make sense to delay action that saves lives whilst politicians debate the issue? Sorry – we do not have the time to allow party political hot air to delay remedies and potentially spread the contagion still further. Let’s get the thing beaten – then we can criticize and hold accountable those who act instead of complaining.  And yes – I am scared … for all those who will die whilst ignoring the segregation we need or railing against those doing their level best to beat this thing.

As for our landlord, Mr. McLure of Crieff (Addled idea, April 2), perhaps he will be good enough to explain why he should be saved, or allowed to evict those who are now without any income at all (through no fault of their own) and thus are unable to keep his precious income stream intact. When most of the population is suffering some sort of economic pain – in some cases extreme pain – what on Earth makes him feel that he should be immune?

If I may finally make a comment to those who ignore the stay home or distancing rules, whether by ignorance or sheer perversity. I do sincerely hope that your insanity does not make you the one who causes the death of another, especially a loved one. Think it can’t happen to you? You better pray you are right.

Jim Taylor,