‘Focused leaders’

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Canadian premiers.

I am so pleased to see that you took the initiative to interact with our neighbours in the south concerning trade.

The lack of leadership in the Canadian government in many areas, including trade, over the past four years or so has depressed me and I have been desperate to see some real leadership.

Each time I saw a CBC broadcast of our “leaders” engaged in discussion with the Americans on matters of national importance, I thought I was watching a reality show, and sadly my American friends seemed to think the same.

You five gentlemen came across as presenting a strong case for trade in your respective provinces and also for Canada. I am sure it would have been an even stronger case had the other seven premiers felt they could attend, but I guess that would have been a little too much to expect considering the country’s political divisions.

My recommendation to the Trudeau team is to engage you more in dealing with trade in the U.S., and perhaps other countries like China and India.  I am sure you would achieve more than the last four years of poor efforts have achieved.

Thank you once again for coming across as strong and focussed leaders and making me proud to be Canadian.

Michael Lee,