‘Flippant, reckless’

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Jane McKenna, Burlington MPP and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Labour.

I am in a Conservative riding but my MPP is the Speaker and thus I am addressing this concern to you.  I just saw you reading notes in the Legislature today on beer sales and see that you are with the Ministry of Labour.

You of all people must know a contract is a contract. Government interference has already cost Hydro One a loss because of that interference with business that would have brought much-needed revenue to Ontario and Hydro One.

The cost to taxpayers of all the lawsuits facing your government is already appalling and now you would open we, the taxpayers, to yet another costly lawsuit? Enough.  Stop meddling. Wait until the contract is up and do not go ripping up yet another contract. It makes Ontario look bad for business if you cannot respect a contract and continue to meddle.

You want to be “for the people,” then think of the 7,000 people and their families and communities affected by your recklessness. They have a contract now and good jobs across this province. They pay taxes too!

What is this government’s obsession with beer? Tailgate parties, drinking at 9am and drinking in parks? I was a high school teacher and went to way too many funerals because of drunk drivers.  Have you conferred with MADD? Addictions counsellors? Families who lost members to drunk drivers? Anybody with any experience in this area?  Based on the ignorance I heard today I suspect not!

Surely you have better things to do at the helm of this province than be beer sales reps! Please do not be so flippant and reckless about your very serious role as legislator.

Donna McCaw,