Fergus speeding

Dear Editor:

I would like to add to the growing numbers of posts from residents of Fergus; there seems to be more and more complaints concerning speeding on roads in town.

Have noticed Guelph is installing speed cushions, Cambridge is looking into reducing speed limits in four neighbourhoods, Waterloo is installing cameras. Myself and four close neighbors have sent an email to Centre Wellington Mayor Kelly Linton of our concerns on Hill St. E.

There are no stop signs or speed signs posted on this road, there is a large park and a school one block north. Both St. George St. E. and St. Patrick St. E. both running parallel south of us have stop signs at every cross street. It does not take long for full-sized truck and trailers, straight trucks, every known delivery company, driver training schools to learn that with no stop signs we can just fly down Hill St. E.

We have actually over the last two years stopped two different OPP officers, alerting them of our concerns, even to the point of advising them of two exact times a day that the same vehicles just race down the street. We have lived on this street for nine years and in Fergus for 16, and we have never seen an in-town radar position set up.

As the news has shown the OPP has had a drop in call outs. I would like to know just how many speeding and unnecessary noise violations have been given out in 2020.

Fergus is growing in leaps and bounds and seems the many complaints brought forward with the support of your newspaper are being ignored.

Am sure as major road work is being done this summer on Hill St. E. it would be a time to install stop signs also.

Alan Dunlop,