Factual reporting

Dear Editor:

RE: Local man faces murder charge after investigation at Maple Leaf Acres, July 9.

Your online article was the only factual reporting on the recent tragedy in Maple Leaf Acres that I read. Unfortunately, other local community papers preferred not to do a little investigation to see where we are actually located.

News media, including CTV News-Kitchener, had audacity to say we were a part of the Belwood community … obviously they did not even have knowledge of where they were reporting from when trespassing onto our private property.

We are a private park owned by the Homeowners Association; our postal address is Fergus, Ontario.

As a homeowner I thank the Advertiser for its honest, factual reporting and condemn the other local news media for having no concern, sympathy or empathy for a family suffering greatly from this terrible loss of a family member. So much for getting their facts straight.

However, I did learn as a Canadian how our news media writes, reports and sensationalizes tragedies, which is beyond belief and should not be allowed to continue in this manner.

As a person who has never experienced any type of interaction with police, our OPP detachment personnel are the very best in my estimation, both professional and caring in this matter to the family as well as myself and other neighbours. The constables, detectives. forensic teams, Guelph Humane Society, along with having to do their job they also were very respectful of our residents giving us a sense of safety and security.    

I would personally like to thank Maple Leaf Acres and all the neighbours on Poplar Place for their quiet concern. It was very much appreciated.

Gayle Else,
Maple Leaf Acres