Facts and truth

Dear Editor:

RE: ‘Socialist narrative’, Feb. 11.

Wayne Baker’s original complaint was about “censorship”, not a specific factor, and to now challenge his critics to be specific (“who is lying?”) is disingenuous and a change of discussion.

He also falsely complained that his point of view is denigrated, when that description was made of the material being “censored”.

We actually are very different from our southern neighbours – I lived there for ten years and can gratefully attest to it. I have also lived in a socialist country, and we are nowhere even close.

Space precludes addressing each of the listed “evil things”, but it would appear that Baker does not believe in COVID-19 restrictions, helping people out – particularly during a pandemic – or the right to dismiss religion. That is his right of thought and free speech.

And if that had been his first complaint I am sure his opinion would have been respected  – although I would certainly have argued with most of it, particularly that COVID restriction deniers do not adequately consider science or have a anything but a selfish or politically expedient view.

I can’t end with a quote, attributed or not, but may I suggest that this and so many other disputes would so easily resolve if we could only all agree that facts and truth do not have alternatives.

They simply cannot be a matter of opinion.      

 Jim Taylor,