Explosive problem

Dear Editor:

RE: Erin resident wants to ban fireworks in town after horse put down due to injuries, March 4.

After reading the problems caused by the use of fireworks to a horse, I wonder if your readers realize that in the 1960s there was a ban on the sale of fire crackers?

The Ontario police plus the Ontario Home and School organization together worked to ban these explosive devices for sale to children!

Some years later this ban was lifted, for fireworks were advertised in many stores again.

People don’t seem to regard firecrackers as the dangerous devices they are. It is not a toy, nor is it a harmless object for use by anyone!

On May 24, fireworks can be properly supervised in a community setting to be enjoyed by everyone – but not by individuals who do not realize fire crackers are explosives!

Sytske Drijber,