Environment attacked

Dear Editor:

Once again our environment is under attack. This time by the Ford government! The undermining of the Grand River Conservation Authority is appalling.

Its unfortunate our provincial government thinks water comes from a tap and food from a supermarket.

Living in a rural area its becoming more and more frustrating re the lack of concern of the things that make this country great. When our government representative runs for parliament the message is always how they are going to represent us, but afterwards the silence can be deafening.

The problem for rural areas is we have few votes and little voice.

A second concern about which I have contacted our local provincial member, with no meaningful answer, is traffic noise. I am not referring to the volume of traffic, but to the excessive noise from aftermarket exhausts on cars, motorcycles, pickups, and improper use of truck engine brakes.

Those of us fortunate enough to have visited Europe realize you are not subjected to this noise. We have existing laws but we need a government that will enforce them.

Do these concerns have any merit to others?

Paul Schwindt,