Entitled to opinion

Dear Editor:

RE: Keep religion private, July 28.

I totally disagree with Marty Papernick’s suggestion that Stephen Kitras cannot vote against supporting a hospice in Centre Wellington if it is using medical assistance in dying (MAID) due to his religious beliefs.

Are you saying politicians must not vote on 2SLGBTQIA+ rights if they are 2SLGBTQIA+? Or are you saying a Black Canadian cannot vote politically on issues regarding Black rights or policies? So why can Mr. Kitras, based on his religious beliefs, express that he cannot support a hospice in Centre Wellington if it is administering MAID? 

This is not just or fair or equitable if this is the case. This is discrimination against people of faith. It doesn’t make any sense. 

Doctors and medical personnel and people generally such as politicians must not be forced to support MAID against their conscience. This is wrong!

Please don’t discriminate against politicians of faith who do not agree with MAID. Mr. Kitras is entitled to voice on MAID based on religious rights in a democratic free country which protects rights for all, not just some rights. 

You are entitled to your opinion and so is Mr. Kitras in his political role. 

Carolann Krusky,