Enslaving taxpayers

Dear Editor:

I am very disappointed by the county’s inability to provide adequate housing for its residents.

My friend is a resident of Erin. Right now she is suffering from trauma, her doctor said she cannot work and is in need of housing. She has had no choice but to go on assistance to apply for disability.

It makes me very sad and somewhat angry that people from other countries get nice new homes and apartments to live in, all at the taxpayers’ expense, while our own people, citizens who were born here are still suffering and do not have adequate housing or services.

I do not understand why the government is over extending our resources when there is so much to fix right here in our own back yards.

There are still many First Nations people who do not have adequate housing or services, yet “newcomers” get the best of everything.

Meanwhile the globalist agenda is alive and well, pushing through the public private partnerships further enslaving the taxpayers to the corporations.

This is an issue that affects us all, as of right now even our children and grandchildren will be paying off debts they never created.

Cherie Ann Day,