Don’t be a ‘COVIDIOT’

Dear Editor:

RE: “Just wear the mask” in reply to Mr. Swan’s letter “Out of hand.”

Kudos to Jim Taylor for writing such a great letter in rebuff to Mr. Swan’s rant. All Taylor’s points were exactly what I thought, but I would like to add a few more.

I live in Acton, Halton County. Why Halton/Peel or in fact Doug Ford has not enacted the same bylaw province-wide re: masks that Wellington County has, I have no idea. Therefore I will gladly drive to Guelph area to shop to avoid the “COVIDIOTS’ in our local businesses.

They are oblivious to any basics of mask wearing to protect others, or social distancing without them. They have no mask on but will walk right up and speak with zero consideration for other customers or the store staff.

I was berated by a lady in a local hardware store that squeezed by me (talking) at the checkout  three times.

When I finally just said “that’s not six feet” I got a spiel about “I can’t take this anymore” and was yelled at in the parking lot as she drove off.

Hey lady, you’re welcome for me protecting you. At least don’t speak (spit), be silent and move on.

  1) Do you realize what is going on in the world, and right outside your door?

  2) How many COVID-19 cases and deaths could have been avoided if our officials hadn’t stated long ago that masks were ineffective?

  3) Do you want or want your family and friends to get seriously ill, perhaps die?

  4) Do you want this mess to go on indefinitely, or forever? (I don’t!)

“It is MUCH easier to breathe with a mask on than if it is if you bury your  head in the sand”

Keith Porty,