‘Do your part’

Dear Editor:

A lockdown is a lockdown – you stay within your own household, you do not go visiting family in other areas. You stay put.

This pandemic is not fun; we all have to do our part, whether you are vaccinated or not! Please stay home, stay in your own towns. Please do not visit.

We are scared just like the next person. We do not want to get sick. We have managed since March 2020; we have followed the recommendations of WDGPH. We have not seen our grandkids since August 2020, for a quick birthday celebration (we wore masks and stayed outside). The time before that was October 2019.

We were lucky enough to see the grandkids on Good Friday for them to get their Easter gifts (no hugs and no kisses, we were six feet apart and we all wore our masks). We have missed seeing our girls too!

Folks, please stay home and do your part in stopping this virus. We only go out for doctor’s appointments  or to buy the essentials so we can eat. Tell me why it is okay for you to have your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren come and visit?

Neil Blahut,