Dear Editor:

The continued increases in COVID-related restrictions, including Ontario’s vaccine mandate to enter restaurants and other facilities, cause me to fear that our government has lost sight of the fundamental principles of governing a free society.

The Advertiser now reports that restaurants will now be forced to scan QR codes of customers. This is dystopian and I refuse to participate in this indignity of showing our papers to do basic everyday activities.

It is perhaps more disturbing that Ted Arnott, our own MPP and the Speaker of the House, has decided to ban Belinda Karahalios from the legislature.

Mrs. Karahalios is the sitting MPP from Cambridge, she has not revealed her vaccination status, but has recovered from COVID and provided negative test results.

By making this decision, our own MPP has disenfranchised the people of Cambridge and struck at the heart of our democracy.

Patrick O’Neil,