Decision a ‘shock’

Dear Editor:

  It is a shock for many Canadians that it was deemed the federal government met the threshold to enact the Emergencies Act to deal with Ottawa protests last year.

Not everyone that disagrees with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is automatically a Trump lover, or a grifter – au contraire, I find it insulting that any time someone does, they are deemed as such. 

 Our sitting prime minister won the last election with the slimmest overall share of electoral support in Canadian history, so there are many who disagree, and why not? We are a diverse bunch.

Every sitting government should and needs to be questioned by the official opposition.  That is their job. 

A MAGA crowd? Please, just a gentle reminder, we are  Canadian. We can and do think for ourselves, thank you very much. 

I find it deeply disturbing that anyone should take the time to gloat over the results of such a serious matter. More questions need to be answered and we need more transparency on why it was used. It is our right to know. 

Brian Peckford, the only surviving first Minister who helped write the Charter, wholeheartedly disagreed with the Emergencies Act being enacted. 

Canadians still (I believe) have the right to peaceful protest, and yes, in large crowds you will always find a few people of dubious character, such as the Nazi flag and Confederate flag holders.

Ignorant troublemakers?

Yes, no question about that, but let’s look at the hundreds of Canadian flags that were flown or carried by citizens of every demographic possible.

Lastly, the contentious selection of Justice Paul Rouleau who has very strong, deep ties to the Liberal Party of Canada (and has for decades), the optics are not great. 

An independent body should have been appointed to keep sceptics without any doubt whatsoever.

Delsie Drover,