Debate mistakes

Dear Editor:

There was a turnout more than expected in the Erin Legion for the  Sept. 23 all-candidates debate. Approximately 90% were members of the “sea of gray,” age as moderator Jay Mowat stated. Having these meetings at a time and day more convenient to allow for the younger generations and those working retail may result in even more attending.

However, the main point I wish to make is that this meeting did not include the singing of O Canada, nor was there a Canadian flag standing for all to see. The organizers should ashamed of themselves. The town (as the mayor and a few councilors were in attendance) should be ashamed for the image this presented to the future MP that is about to be asked for millions of dollars to build a sewer system.

Lastly, to have the candidates sitting up on stage without table clothes just goes to prove how little thought really went into the presenting of this meeting.

Hopefully, future public meetings of this nature following the reading of the Indigenous Acknowledgement would have the singing of O Canada with the Canadian flag in a prominent position – front and centre. This would make for a good display of united citizenship.

Bob Pearson,